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Commonwealth Humane Society spays and neuters all cats & dogs - no exceptions.
Commonwealth Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
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Picture Gallery
Tony and Max

Tony and Max are also known as the Panther brothers. This is because they are large, black and very sleek with glossy shiny coats. In fact they look like miniature panthers. Tony and Max are only 18 months old as of 9/2010 and are wonderful older kittens. They both are still very playful and enjoy a typical kitten zest for life. These kitties are as sweet as can be, very social and ready for adoption.

Tony follows his human around like a puppy and demands love and affection whenever he can. Rubbing against your legs are just one of the ways he expresses his affection and need for love and to be petted.

Max is more reserved and quiet, and is the one with the white angel kiss. Both kitties like sitting on your desk next to the computer keyboard, soaking up love and affection. Both kitties’ love affection and are ready for a new family of their own, either together or separately. Both Tony and Max are fully up to date with all their shots, have jet black, silky smooth fur and are healthy.

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